The railway

Transport which allows the economic acceleration of emerging countries because it is reliable and inexpensive, to open up people and resources in isolated territories. The opening of new lines, or their reopening, goes through the digital revolution in the railway world 2.0:

  • Autonomous trains
  • Transnational Train Control System (ETCS)
  • Blockchain
  • BIM/GIS convergence
  • IoT indoor/outdoor
All of these elements have a strong geospatial component, which is why TECHNATIUM is working alongside you on the 3 innovative bricks of rail 2.0:
  • Augmenting Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (geoAI) to:
  • The digitization of the domain
    rail (building and rail network)
  • traffic automation
  • Improved satisfaction
    passenger and freight
  • The role of Blockchain in process automation :
  • Logistics traceability
  • Cross-modal interoperability
  • Data certification
  • Actor authentication
  • The strategic importance of cybersecurity:
  • Risk analysis with EBIOS
  • Infrastructure resilience
  • Continuity plan