Security, safety
and defense

 Improving the surveillance of sensitive sites and infrastructures in all aspects (Security, Defence, Safety) by going beyond the current limits of physical surveillance in order to anticipate and predict negative externalities.

 Provision of a digital monitoring platform that analyses and notifies infrastructure owners of threats in advance.  

 A range of surveillance solutions for sensitive sites (garrisons/logistics depots) and critical infrastructures based on the fusion of multi-source data (satellite images, drone, radar, etc. ....)

 Data security and traceability via cybersecurity and blockchain

Environnement et durabilité

 Helping public and private actors to reduce their environmental footprint

 Identification of renewable energy production potential (solar and wind) and monitoring of the activation of the potential: monitoring of wind turbine and solar panel installations

 Prediction and optimisation of the energy mix

 Optimisation of maintenance and production costs through the provision of daily data such as equipment status information

Satellite imagery for optimal surveillance and accurate intelligence

Our purpose

Democratising and facilitating the use of spatial data to solve global socio-economic challenges.

Our partners